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Web developer. Open source maintainer. Administrator at Reactiflux.

Jekyll is a well-supported static site generator that makes it easy to build websites using templates and themes, without having to duplicate HTML or add JS code to your frontend. In this tutorial, we’ll walk through some basic use cases of Jekyll’s templating system from scratch.


Knowledge of HTML and command line is important for comprehension, but don’t worry if you don’t know Ruby, as most Jekyll sites don’t require custom Ruby code.

Installing Jekyll

Jekyll can be installed using gem, the package manager for the Ruby programming language. …

Functional programming is a programming paradigm (technique) where functions are used together to return new values, rather than modifying variable values multiple times. Functions that always return the same result given the same inputs are said to be free of side effects, or pure. When code relies on changes to external variables, it can lose its purity because the same inputs no longer create the same outputs consistently. By finding purer ways to design programs, we can use functions in ways that won’t impact how other code works through side effects. …

Nick McCurdy

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